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Charles Glover history

A history of Charles Glover. Click here to download.

William Bradford article

A very interesting article and history about William Bradford. Click here to download.

History of Benjamin Freeman Bird!

After a bit of work, we’ve been able to get the history of Benjamin Freeman Bird by Marla Walker up on the site. It’s accessible via the link in the Histories section on the right, or via this link.

Thanks for your patience!

More new histories and documents

I have uploaded the following histories and documents on the Benjamin Freeman Bird Ancestry Site:


New histories for Charles, James, and Richard Bird, etc.

We’ve added several new histories to the list in the Histories menu on the right.

Plenty more to come, but we hope you find some use out of these.

Sarah Ann Dunsdon Bird

This is a history of Sarah Ann Dunsdon Bird, the 2nd wife of Charles Bird, compiled by Marla Walker in September 2011.  Download this file by clicking here.

A History of Charles Bird

Maurine Bird Douglas has compiled a brief history of Charles Bird. It is available in PDF format here.