Archives: September 2011

Sarah Ann Dunsdon Bird

This is a history of Sarah Ann Dunsdon Bird, the 2nd wife of Charles Bird, compiled by Marla Walker in September 2011.  Download this file by clicking here.

A History of Charles Bird

Maurine Bird Douglas has compiled a brief history of Charles Bird. It is available in PDF format here.


Benjamin Freeman Bird Genealogy Group Meeting

Dear Bird cousins,

This is a reminder that we plan to have our LAST Benjamin Freeman Bird Genealogy Group Meeting on Saturday, October 29, 2011.  It will be from 9 a.m to 12 noon, and it will be held at the LDS Church where we used to meet, which is on the corner of 800 East and 1200 North in Orem, UT.  We will meet in the Children’s Meeting Room, which is at the very back of the church.  We will unlock the door near the SW corner of the building.  You will be able to see our cars parked there, and there will be a BIRD MEETING sign on the door.
I am pleased to announce we now have a permanent public website (the site you’re on while reading this, in fact) where we have begun posting some of the histories that have been completed.  If you have a history or pictures you would like to have posted, please email them to me.  We only plan to post things about Benjamin Freeman Bird and his children and his ancestors.  We don’t plan to have anything about his grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.  However, if you start your own website for your individual families (such as the descendants of Richard Bird), we would be happy to have a link to these individual sites.  Right now this site is being built, but we will try to have it ready for visitors by our meeting.  It will be a work-in-progress!
We would love to have lots of Bird cousins attend our meeting.  If you have an assignment that needs to be finished, please feel free to email any histories, etc. as they are finished, so they can get posted on the website.  We look forward to seeing all of you on Oct. 29th!